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Clean Green Bunny Organic Handmade Bath and Body

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29 July
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clean green bunny organic vegan natural handmade bath and body soap lotion butter balm lip gloss perfume scrub sugar custom essential oils shea butter
The Clean Green Bunny shop has handmade bath and body products using certified organic materials at an affordable cost. None of the products carried by Clean Green Bunny are animals tested, nor are any of the ingredients used in them. All orders are made fresh and wrapped in recyclable and reusable materials. Each order also receives free samples. Clean Green Bunny has sugar scrubs, whipped body butter, lip balms, lip gloss, perfumes, handmade soaps and more. Custom items are available in over 15 different scent choices.

Hello :)
This is my live journal to be used for updates on whatever I am currently working on in my shop at www.cleangreenbunny.com.

I also have an Art Fire shop as well...
ArtFire - Buy Handmade - Sell Handmade

I am here to promote my shop and also to share and learn new ideas within the communities and meet fellow craft~loving people :)

If you would like to place an order with me, please visit my shop at www.cleangreenbunny.com

I have just recently began creating my own organic and cruelty free bath and body products. I was already making jewelry and sewing since the age of 7, but decided to try my luck at my own bath and body line when I realized how much fun it is and healthier for your skin and environment to make your own products.

Clean Green Bunny is a one~woman home~based business offering handmade bath and body products. I strive to make high quality products for an affordable price. Most of the items are 100% natural unless otherwise stated in the listing and product description. All butters, oils, and essential oils used in my products are certified organic.

Thanks for your interest in checking out my journal!


Q: Why are Clean Green Bunny products better for you than mass produced products?

A: Mass produced products contain a lot of ingredients which are mostly used to maintain a long shelf life (preservatives), since they have to sit in warehouses then on store shelves for an indefinite amount of time. I do not mass produce my products. They are made fresh when you order and will last between 3 months to a year. I use only pure essential oils and/or natural ingredients to preserve my products. Clean Green Bunny products are made with organic ingredients which are not tested on animals. The finished products are never tested on animals either (unless you consider my friends and I animals ).

Q: What does "Saponified" in the soap ingredients mean?

A: Saponification is the process natural soap goes through once the oils have settled with the lye. The simplest explanation of saponification can be found at this link.

Q: So there is lye in the soap?

A: No. Once the soap has saponified, there is no longer lye in the soap. All there is left is the naturally occurring glycerin along with the organic oils I use.

Q: I am allergic to (ingredient). Can you make custom products for me without that ingredient?

A: Most likely, yes. Most of my orders are custom, so feel free to ask if you need.

Q: My liquid shampoo or body wash has gotten too thick to come out of the bottle! What do I do?

A: In cold environments, the shampoos and body wash may become thickened. You can get it back to a liquid state simply by filling your sink up with hot water then letting the bottles sit in the hot water for a few minutes, then shake before using.

Q: I have an event coming up and would like to order a lot of these products to give away as gifts. Do you accept large orders?

A: Yes, I do accept large orders, and even offer discounts for larger orders.
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