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New Items, Valentine's Sale, FREE Lip Balm

Posted on 2011.02.02 at 18:33
 ::Sales and Promos Just In Time For Valentine's Day::

Lots of items are on sale until the end of February. Also, if your order totals $20 or more before shipping you get a FREE lip balm of your choice. Mention which one you would like in the comments box upon checkout.


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3 New Soaps In The Shop

Posted on 2011.01.14 at 16:15
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 We got a pretty cruddy snow, er, should I say "Little bit of snow, and a bunch of sleet" storm, so I was stuck inside a few days and got busy making soaps to occupy my time (and over active imagination and energy hehe).
The lotion really will be back soon, I promise. A family member has destroyed the printer :/ So, I traded some stuff to a talented graphic design and scrap booking chick and she made me a bunch of custom hand made labels that look really awesome :) I got the shipment of the new green bottles in, now I just need to get the labels (which she mailed yesterday) and will have them up in the shop again.
I have been buying these REALLY pretty handmade tags from someone on Etsy recently (her shop is here) and using them on my items. I think they really add to the handmade feel of the products not to mention looking so pretty. I need to update some photos on my website that don't show all the new packaging designs I've been using lately. I am so crunched for time as of late though Agh! o_O
OH! And also, I took some of the little solid perfume tins and hand decorated them with jewels! I'm going to fill them with solid perfumes made of the super hard to find and expensive essential oils like rose absolutes and blue lotus and sell them separate from the regular ones as "Limited edition perfumes". They will be up shortly (hopefully. ha!)
Without further coffee-induced ramblings, here are the photos and links to the new soaps. Enjoy!
Natural Patchouli and Citrus Handmade Soap
Natural Patchouli and Citrus Handmade Soap

Vanilla Lime Swirl Soap
Vanilla Lime Swirl Soap

Flower Burst! Floral Soap
Flower Burst Handmade Floral Soap


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Miami Ocean Breeze Guest Soap Sets

Posted on 2011.01.05 at 21:38
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This limited edition set of soaps is inspired by a talented Miami Florida artist by the name of Armando "Feathers" Santelices (AKA Mister Feathers, AKA Peasants With Feathers) and was created exclusively for the promotion of the Triangle Alien Family, not to mention it just looks all around awesome, smells great, and will make your skin feel EXQUISITE. No more alligator or crocodile skin for you! ;)
Rather you have any idea of who he or the Triangle Alien Family are or not, these unique handcrafted soap sets are sure to please you as well as your guests.
The soap was created using the cold process method using organic oils of olive, coconut, canola, and also pure, unrefined shea butter. It has been scented using a paraben and phthalate free Ocean Breeze fragrance oil, which is a light unisex scent that is not all too overpowering like many other commercial grade Ocean Breeze scents on the market. The blue swirls, which give the soap a very close resemblance to a lapis lazuli stone, were created with cosmetic grade FDA approved colorant powder.
The sets of soap are tied together with blue satin ribbon, and have hand dyed blue and white feathers added to the bow at the top of the triangle.
There are only 3 sets available and each set comes with 3 small triangle sized bars of soap. Each bar weighs around 0.75 of an ounce which gives you about 2 ounces of soap total.
Each set is only $3 each in the Clean Green Bunny shop at www.cleangreenbunny.com and grab up your own before they're all gone!

This blog post is also on my Blogger.

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New Soap + Money Saving Coupon

Posted on 2010.11.29 at 13:12
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 organic natural vegan handmade soaps bath and body
New banana nut bread, peppermint & eucalyptus, and vanilla citrus swirl soaps added to the shop. Also now carrying rare Blue Lotus scent option for a limited time. Use coupon code HGB2010 until December 31st and get 20% off your order of at least $25. All orders no matter what size get awesome freebies! Thank you for checking out www.cleangreenbunny.com

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New Rose, Patchouli, + Sweet Orange Soap in the Shop Plus Another FREE Perfume Sale

Posted on 2010.07.17 at 16:01
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::*::UPDATE JULY 17TH 2010::*::
All products in bottles (lotions, skin toners, etc.) are now in green recyclable bottles. I should have the photos updated soon. Also, I started using twist cap type tins for the solid perfumes since the old ones were too difficult to remove for most people. All tins have been switched to flat for easier, safer shipping. You still get the same amount, they're just flat shaped now is all.

There is a free solid perfume sale currently going until the end of July. If you spend $10 or more before shipping you get a free 1/5 ounce solid perfume of your choice. If you spend $20 or more before shipping you get a free full sized 1/2 solid perfume tin (like shown here) OR the roll~on of your choice, whichever you want. Please put your perfume scent choice in the notes box upon checkout.

Natural Rose Patchouli and Sweet Orange Soap with Cocoa Butter

All natural rose, patchouli, and sweet orange handmade soap using the cold process method.  Just the right balance of rose, patchouli, and sweet orange essential oils give this soap an Earthy yet sweet fragrance that is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and relaxed when rinsed away. Imagine walking through a garden in the summer full of oranges and rose bushes, plus the very Earth and woods like fragrance of patchouli and this is what you will get.  The addition of organic, unrefined cocoa butter not only adds to the sweet fragrance but also provides you with extra, non~pore clogging moisture. You will LOVE the way your skin feels and smells after using this soap!

I have not posted in a long time o_O I've been so busy. Winter was so hard and now that spring is here, I've been very active outdoors and also gardening a lot. My computer also crashed recently.
There's two new soaps available now; Summer Time Citrus Gardener's Soap and Vanilla, Lavender, and Peppermint Soap. My favorite is the Vanilla, Lavender, and Peppermint. My goodness I want to freaking EAT IT it smells so good haha. But alas, I can not ~_~

Now onto gardening. I have become absolutely bonkers addicted to gardening. I've never really done any half way serious gardening before other than helping my mother out with carrots and radishes when I was younger, but this year, I decided to give it a go. I joined a gardener's forum and also met a couple gardener's recently so luckily I am not going into it totally ignorant. I was given a ton of local organic heirloom seeds, containers, and cage free chicken egg shells recently for cleaning a room for someone, so that was a big motivation. Of course, getting to eat a bunch of fresh grown veggies and herbs for next to nothing is a great motivation too ;)
Then when I went to put a basket of my soap up for sale in the 66 Produce Shop in Kernersville, Cindy hooked me up with a lot of starter veggie and herb plants for super cheap.
I'm doing most of it in containers. We have a lot of land here but no time to deal with all the tilling and whatnot, plus we live in the country sort of, so I'm kind of afraid of little critters and deer eating everything up. I put a few things in the ground next to the fence by the swimming pool though because they got so big.
I'm doing everything as "organic" as possible. The only "pesticide" I'm using is taking some of my natural soap and putting it into a spray bottle with warm water so it dissolves, dropping in a little neem oil then lightly spraying the plants with it. I notice a little bit of bug nibbles on some leaves (usually just the pepper plants) but nothing worth going nuts over. I'm using 3 different kinds of potting soil; the cheapo $2/bag Timberline stuff, Miracle Gro Organic Potting Mix, and Sta~Green Moisture Control Potting Mix. The reason why is #1, most of this is given to me free or for really cheap, #2 experimenting!. So far it looks like they all do the same, no lie. Isn't that strange? The only difference is the Timberline potting mix retains moisture a lot more which attracts gnats, but I kill the gnats off by dumping peppermint tea and coffee grinds in the pot.
Here is one picture, but the rest I'm putting under a cut because there's so many...
This is a cucumber plant, yellow bell pepper plant, and zucchini plant:

More Gardening PicturesCollapse )

 There's a basket right at the register full of my soaps at 66 Produce in Kernersville North Carolina now :)

If you're in Kernersville go by and grab up some along with some of their awesome local produce. They have awesome stuff at great prices!

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Soap Sale and Free Perfume Giveaway

Posted on 2010.04.20 at 12:00
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 Lavender, hazelnut coffee, secret garden and more soaps are on sale now at www.cleangreenbunny.com

Also all orders totaling $10 or more before shipping get a FREE 1/4 oz solid perfume of any scent you choose

Clean Green Bunny shop carries all natural, organic, vegan friendly bath and body products at an affordable cost. Sign up for the newsletter and receive a 15% off coupon

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2 New Soaps In The Shop

Posted on 2010.04.15 at 19:45
 Strawberry Swirl (with real strawberry seeds for exfoliation)

strawberry soap organic vegan handmade soap

Muscadine Grape soap made with shea butter

muscadine grape shea butter handmade natural soap

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